Thursday, September 30, 2010

Life and Times of Junior High- Volume 1

Wow! have times changed since I was in Junior High!! Growing up on South Mississippi, the biggest thing we had to think about was how was I going to get my hair to stay fluffy instead of falling flat by the time I got to school. I didn’t wear makeup until High School! Those were the days….

My son is now a 7th grader IMG_0514[1]and his world has changed. :-(

School has now been in session for over a month now and since the beginning, he’s been telling me, “Mom, it’s different!” I thought I understood what that meant…..until…..I was a volunteer at the 7th/8th Grade S.O.C.I.A.L.!! Oh……..GOSH! I could not believe my eyes!!

The girls were so much more “advanced”(and not in a good way, I must say) . The makeup, the shorter skirts, the flirting! Ugh! (I have lots of friends who have 7th grade daughters, so please understand, I’m not talking about YOUR girls, by any means!) I stood there working the “Ring Toss” booth with a friend who also has a 7th grade son and I know we looked like deer in headlights. This girl walked up and had bright blue eye shadow, heavy eyeliner, mascara, & lipstick {in SEVENTH GRADE??}. And the short skirts, we just won’t even go there! My friend and I just looked at each other.

I was so relieved when some of the girls whom we’ve known since 2nd grade came over to our booth. It was so refreshing! Sure they wore some face powder and lip gloss. Maybe a little pale eyeshadow. Fixed their hair a little more. But they were so beautiful! They didn’t have to paint their faces or wear an outfit to draw attention to themselves…..they just were laughing and having fun. Good, clean, fun. Why do some girls think they have to be flashy to be noticed by IMG_0515[1]

(my son & his buddy)

the cute boys??

I know there will be times coming up when we’ll have girls calling our house (I won’t give the phone to him because GIRLS SHOULD NOT CALL BOYS!!), or being very forward with my son, but we will be on guard and try and teach our son how a nice girl behaves.

Where did all of those days of looking for frogs, fishing, thinking girls had cooties go???? {sniff, sniff}

Praying Mom,


  1. I cannot help but believe that a lot of these middle school girls, with their already woman-like bodies, have no idea of the message they are sending. And I know they have even less idea what it does to 13- and 14-year-old boys.

    What I don'...t get is where are the dads? They know EXACTLY what it does, whether they have sons or daughters. They were 14 once. Some times you have to be the bad guy and just say NO. And in between saying NO you have to build a relationship with her so that when you have to say NO there is something enduring there that survives the conflict. And PLEASE. EXPLAIN it to her in clear, unveiled terms. Buy no means does she know it intuitively.

    I am not the poster boy for this by any means, but I know that it's true. I also know that it is inexact and messy ... as are all things with not-quite-women.

  2. I know the difference between "buy" and "by", but I am a terrible proofreader.


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