Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bundle of Sticks

Have you ever experienced something that changed the way you think about family? I have.

Many years ago, I couldn’t understand why I did not get a “career job” right out of college. I had a fantastic degree from Baylor University, but no job. I lived at home with my parents after graduation for a few months. My mother is an only child and her sweet mother suddenly suffered a massive stroke in Southeast Louisiana. Guess what? I could just drop everything and leave in the middle of the night with my mom to go and be with my grandparents. We were able to spend 6 amazing days with my sweet Mamaw until she went to be with Jesus. Things became perfectly clear to me. The reason I didn’t get a job right out of college……was so I could be with my family during a really tough time.

I remember one afternoon, my Papaw, who had an elementary education, no teeth, and the sweetest disposition you could ever imagine, leaned over to his precious wife of over 50 years and said with a cracked voice and tears in his eyes, “We be one, Baby, we be one.” I looked at him and words came out of my mouth that I did not remember thinking (God gave me those words, I know). I said, “Papaw, we’re like a bunch of sticks. You can break one easily, but when you put that stick with others, you can’t break them.”

A few days later, at my grandmother’s funeral, my mom wanted the florist to put a bundle of sticks in the flowers in the family flowers. Only 6 short months later, we were attending my beloved Papaw’s funeral…..there was also had a bundle of sticks in his family flowers as a reminder that our family will continue to “stick” together.IMG_4717

My mother gave both my brother and I our very own bundle of sticks as a reminder that our family bond is strong and nothing can break us.

So why don’t you gather up some sticks from your area, or even a craft store, tie them together with twine, and sit down with your family and share the story of the sticks. It will be something that will set the stage for the theme of your home…’re a team and your bond cannot be broken.

…a cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” - Ecclesiastes 4:12

Share with me who is in your bundle of sticks? Precious family members? Special friends? Your church family?


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