Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Love That Sticks {Challenge}

Tomorrow is February 1st…..and February is the month of L.O.V.E.!!! I absolutely adore February because everyone feels free to share their love with those around them.

colored stack of post it notesThe Christian radio station in our area challenges all of it’s listeners to share God’s love in a fun & unique way during the month of February. They call it “Love that Sticks” and they challenge everyone to leave sticky notes in random places. How cool is THAT??

I heard of one situation where a lady put a sticky note on her money in her purse that read “God loves you”. Well, she was robbed and when the robber reached in her purse and pulled out that money, he stopped, his eyes became teary, and then he ran off! God’s Word is a “two-edged sword”!! Amazing!! You just never know how God will use His Word.

So our family is taking on this challenge starting today. (we just couldn’t wait to start! it’s only January 31st!! ha!) I am excited to see how God uses these notes to unsuspecting people. We may never know the result, but God will. My family is armed today with pre-written sticky notes so they are ready for action!!

Here are some ideas:

God loves you post it

Leave this one on a random locker at school.

beautiful post itHow about this one on a mirror in a store dressing room!

No problem post it

Or this one on the stall door in a public restroom!

Will you take on this challenge? Maybe your family can do it together. It will be fun to see what creative ideas we all come up with! Will you share them in the comments, please? It will inspire everyone to share L.O.V.E. this month!!

Love & Hugs,

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  1. Hi Sandi,
    This is GREAT! I work at KSBJ and my co-worker Jessica shared with me the link to your blog. Thanks for getting your family involved! Let's share God's "Love that Sticks" all over Houston and celebrate the True Love of Jesus all this month! Woooo! :)
    KSBJ Morning Show


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