Monday, April 4, 2011

The Fires in Kansas Got Personal

No one ever wants to hear the words, “You have 5 minutes to GET OUT!!”. No time to get your belongings… clothes, no photos, no favorite toys, no keepsakes, no treasured heirlooms…..nothing….NO-THING. You only have time to grab your dogs and your laptop computer. That’s IT!

You see, my Sister-in-Law Kat has a sweet sister Kim who lives with her quiet, cowboy husband Red outside of Garden City, Kansas. They live on a ranch that has been in Red’s family for generations. Kim & Red Miller The scenario I just described at the top of this post is not a horrible nightmare. It’s Red & Kim’s reality as of yesterday, April 3, 2011. You see a prairie fire triggered by, what they think was, lightening, grew rapidly to become a wall of fire 10 miles wide! Winds were blowing at incredible speeds which fed the fire truly like “wildfire”! The flames literally RAN across the prairie headed straight for Red & Kim’s home that they share with their precious children Annalisa (almost 11), J.C. (9), and Hadley (6).The Red Miller Family After the authorities allowed them to return to their home, this is what they found…

Miller Home

No words can describe this. They lost absolutely everything! My heart is breaking for them!!

I am about to POP with desire to help them!! They are going to have to try and replace everything. Pots, pans, toiletries, bedding, furniture, etc… Of course no amount of money can replace memories, photos, saddles & belt buckles earned over time that were planning on being passed down to the next generation. A little help will go a long way!

What can I do when I live thousands of miles away?? In addition to prayer, I can send GIFT CARDS!! I would absolutely LOVE to see an outpouring of gift cards from all over the country being sent to this family and to their community. What an amazing way to reach out to them and show them that others care.

If you can and feel the desire to send a Gift Card in any amount for Walmart, Target, or Sam’s, you can mail it to:

Red & Kim Miller

P.O. Box 459

Satanta, KS 67870

Let’s flood their mailbox with Gift Cards!

Thank you in advance for reaching out and for helping me be “Jesus with skin on”.

Expecting God’s best,


  1. Great idea!!! I will get on it tomorrow in the a.m.!

  2. OH my goodness!!!! Thank you for sharing this need! I will be happy to help!


  3. I can't wait to send a little love their way!

  4. Kat's sister Kim!April 13, 2011 at 2:03 PM

    San, you are something else! I just learned of your blogpost and have to say we are truly honored! Truly, HUMBLED too! I am going to be a very busy girl paying this all forward, but you better believe we will. What an experience. We're all doing well and settling into our new digs. I think the kids are adjusting well. Realistic about the loss, but optimistic overall. Bless you all!


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