Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Fun Night for 5th Graders

Tonight, we attended a really fun night at our daughter’s school. It was called Wax Museum! Each student is allowed to choose a famous person, conduct research on their life, and then dress as that person. They are to “come to life” on this one night and share what they have learned with their family and friends.

Two years ago, when my son was in 5th grade, my daughter began planning who she would be for Wax Museum. She decided then that she wanted to be……Shirley Temple! Not only is Shirley Temple absolutely adorable, but there is special family significance for the name Shirley Temple.

She didn’t want to wear the typical Shirley Temple “Cheer Me Up” polka dot dress. She decided on “The Little Princess”.

IMG_5519(Her inspiration)

And here she is!!IMG_5512


The doll she is holding was given to her when she was 1 year old by her grandparents. I made the muff and fuzzy collar. My mom had the hat and spray painted it black. A fun project!

We had so much fun making her hair curly!! (Did you know that the real Shirley Temple actually had 52 curls??)





Their presentations were on laptops. (just 2 years ago, my son used a Tri-board! Technology is EVERYWHERE!!) They built a timeline of the character’s lives, designed a stamp that represented their character, and held a “question-and-answer session” with their character. Pretty neat!

Some of the other characters represented tonight were……



David Livingston





Amelia Earheart




And Davy Crockett!



I had SO much fun helping my daughter transform into Shirley Temple!! I hope enjoyed a little look-see into our life tonight!


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  1. I'm a 5th grade teacher and I had my class put together a wax museum. Last year was my first year for it and it was a huge success. Looking forward to the next one (in the spring)!


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