Thursday, January 27, 2011

Out to Eat. It’s Still IN for the Thrifty. {Thrifty Thursday}

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If you’re like our family, you can easily rack up a large bill(s) eating out. Fast food, eat-in restaurants, or your favorite gourmet steakhouse. The money can easily get away from you when you go out to eat. But you don’t have to give it all up to live on a budget.

There are restaurants where we like to go. It’s just a matter of how frequent, the day/time you go, and what you order. We have figured out the best times to go, what coupons might be available, what prices might be best.

For example, we enjoy going out to Sunday lunch after church with our friends. Frequently, we go to a Mexican restaurant close to our home called Rico’s. On Sundays, kids eat free at Rico’s. So….two orders of kids’ quesadillas (no beans, double rice!), 1 order of lunch fajitas, which my husband and I split, an order of Queso , and waters to drink….total bill, including tax and tip….less than $20. Not bad, huh?

Another restaurant we like is Sweet Tomatoes, a soup and salad bar. We signed up for their “Club” and get coupons online every two weeks or so. One of the coupons we receive often is for $19.99 for a family of four, as long as you eat Monday-Thursday, after 4:00 p.m. If all of us drink water, the total bill with tax is about $21.

Finally, we have a local Domino’s Pizza near our home. They’re “all the time” carry-out special is 2 Medium, 2 Topping pizzas for $13. That’s plenty of food for our family. A great weekend meal.

So that’s three nights eating out for less than $55 TOTAL for a family of four! That’s what I’m talking about!

I’m sure there are many other restaurants in your area that offer ways for your family to enjoy eating out and stay on budget. Please leave a comment and share them with me. I’m excited to read about your ideas!

Living deliberately and intentionally,

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