Thursday, March 17, 2011

Free Family Fun

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When my husband and I got married 17+ years ago, he told me that I could pick out anything for our house that I wanted just as long as I didn’t mind if he watched college basketball!! Winner…winner…chicken dinner!!! Duh!!! He didn’t have to ask me twice!!

Each year, he has always made his “picks” and entered into a family pool with his brothers, cousins, etc… Well, this year, me and the kids decided to jump in on the action and make our own pool! It was so much fun listening to why each of us chose our teams.

On the Yahoo Sports page, you can make your own bracket at the tab "Tourney Pick “Em”. It’s free and easy!


Some of you might choose your teams based on seed placement, or type of mascot, or even by color! I just heard of someone who chose their teams last year based solely on team colors and they won the whole pool!!! Hillarious!!

So grab your family and get on the computer and make your own FREE pool!! You might even want to come up with your own prizes…maybe a treat like eating at your favorite restaurant, or even a small trophy! Make it fun for your family.

Not sure who will win our family’s pool, but it will sure mean bragging rights for the next year, I do know that much!

Go Ohio State!!! (not really sure why I picked them. I know absolutely no one who went there, but I hear they have a really good team! LOL!)

Enjoy your weekend!!

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  1. I want Kansas and BYU to lose! That s all I care about! ;)


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