Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Platinum Party Time {Thrifty Thursday}

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Do you know what your “Golden Birthday” is? It’s the birthday when the date of your birthday matches your age. For me, it was a VERY long time ago!


Well, I am the mom of a Sa-WEET daughter (and one pretty smart son) and in just a couple of months, she will have a very special birthday. We call it her “Platinum Birthday” because not only will she become 11 on the 11th day of the month, but it’s 2011!! That’s extra-extra special, if you ask me!!

We’ve got some time before her birthday, but for a Platinum birthday, we have to do something amazing and memorable (yet still affordable) for her, don’t ‘cha think?

Will you help me come up with some ideas?

For this week’s linky party, let’s share any posts you have about birthday parties! Boy or girl…any age….doesn’t matter. Share, share, share!!! I’m SO excited to see what ideas you have!! Please don’t keep them a secret!!



  1. What kind of cake?(that is the baking side of me...) on the mommy side of! She is growing so fast, what a beauty!

  2. I have no idea!!! Any suggestions??

  3. You know I LOVE parties! My favorite website for ideas is They have tons of party themes and even more ideas listed under each theme. Mostly affordable. I love to read all the "honorable mentions" and pick and choose games/decorations/activities/food/party favors to fit the type of party I'm going for. I love any excuse to throw a party!

  4. Thanks, Gayla!!! I will definitely check that out!! You always give the BEST parties!!


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