Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lucy Doo is Even Better!!

I know that I’ve not posted here in a while, but I’ve been a busy little beaver winding down my Spring Show schedule with Lucy Doo! Thanks to all of my cheerleaders out there for supporting Lucy Doo!! I’m so grateful!!

In addition to “Lucy Doo-ing” and my regular mom & wife duties, I’ve been adjusting things on my online shop in order to give you all discount codes! I’m SO excited!! What’s better than treating yourself to a new “pretty”? Getting that already affordable “pretty” with a DISCOUNT! Oh my goodness, I can’t stand it!!

Do you want to receive a discount code from Lucy Doo to be used the whole month of June?? Here’s how:

  • Visit my shop, look at all of my “pretties” and decide which ones you like best. Then……

  • either leave a comment here or

  • leave your comment on my Facebook page.

I’ll send you a discount code by the end of this week (just make sure you leave your email address!!)

Happy Tuesday!!

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