Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Little Sump’m Sump’m

When my husband and I were at the Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Expo this past weekend, not only did we get to eat the delicious food at the luncheon I told you about the other day, but we got to sample all of the food and treats from all of the vendors. Oh my goodness, that was fun!

I’d like to share with you some of our favorite treats…..

IMG_8336Simply Southern Cupboard

These are THE most deliciously moist & flavorful pancakes you will ever eat! Can you believe PB&J Pancake Mix???? OMWord!!!!

“Simply Southern Cupboard specializes in Gourmet Pancake Mixes. Once you've tried them you will never want store bought pancake mixes again.”

Dread Head ChefDread Head Chef

Okay, this guy was so cute! Can you see that little dread-wearing guy on the jar? That’s a sketch of the chef who developed this product. He served the Strawberry Mango Salsa on Cinnamon tortilla chips. Yummm-O. He served the Pineapple-Banana-Pecan Salsa on tortilla chips dusted with chocolate powder. Delish! He said both of these dessert salsas are wonderful on ice cream too. Gotta try that!

Chocolate Pizazz Co Chocolate Pizazz

These little goodies were our “take-homes” from the Paula Deen Luncheon. (bonus: our kiddos thought we brought them home for them! Yikes! I want some!!!)

Custom Cafe DipCustom Cafe

Okay, this might just be my new favorite pumpkin treat this Fall. Mix this dip with a little cream cheese, and you’ve got a fabulous go-to item for a quick Fall get-together. (I bought 3!!)

And now, for my absolute FAVORITE goodie from our day……

Grater Garlic Grater

It’s the size of a saucer and hand-painted. Can you see those little bumps in the center of the saucer? Well, this is the fun part. If you rub a garlic clove, a piece of chocolate, onion, nutmeg, or ginger over those bumps, they become your grater!! You can mince garlic in a snap! AND, it looks pretty sitting on your counter. BONUS!! This European Gourmet Ceramic Garlic Grater was recently featured on the Today show with Giada De Laurentiis of "Everyday Italian". How cool is that?

I’ve added links to each website for you to get some of these for yourself or for gifts. Just click on the link below each photo and you’ll be shopping in no time!


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  1. YUM to all of it! Although...I don't buy pancake mixes, I make mine...I am going to get some of the salsa! So awesome that you had a great time!


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