Monday, May 17, 2010

Big & Exciting News!

It’s me, Sandi from Magnolias and Mudpies! Do you like my new name and blog home?

My new name stems from the new name of my jewelry business, Lucy Doo. As most of you know, I began my jewelry business almost 11 years ago as A Touch of Silver because I had mostly silver jewelry. The name remained as my business grew. Oftentimes over the years, I thought about changing the name, but wasn’t sure exactly when I should tackle such a huge project. I wanted the name to reflect what I have become. Well, I’ve decided there is no better time than today!!

You see, Lucy Doo was the name my mother called me as a little girl. She has absolutely no idea why, but the name stuck. “Lucy” nor “Doo” are in my name ANYWHERE! It was my “pet name” from my mom and I loved it! So, I thought is was such a perfect fit for my new company and blog name…very sassy and boutique-y, don’t you think?

Thanks, The Frilly Coconut, for my new design and logo! Friends, if you want to redesign your blog or just spruce up what you’ve got, let Jessica know. She’s fabulous and so easy to work with! Get on her design list right away!!

So, please check out my new site and give me your opinion? Grab my button and pass the word!

Blessings to you,

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  1. Yay!!! Your blog & site look great! Isn't Jessica the best?!? Love Lucy Doo!

  2. You are just the sweetest ever! I was looking at your website just now and I think that you've added new products since I last looked!

    You KNOW I'm a jewelry girl and I'll be placing an order soon...hopefully! :)


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