Monday, July 12, 2010

An Amazing Opportunity For You

My real life friend Kristen has an absolutely AMAZING blog, We are THAT family. God has truly blessed her with some mind-blowing experiences over the past few years, but mainly this year. In March, she was asked by Compassion International to travel to Kenya and blog about their work there with the children of Kenya. That trip has been life changing for her and her family.

Even before she went to Kenya, God began to give Kristen a heart for Africa. Her twin sister adopted a PRECIOUS little girl from Ethiopia last year. You can read Kara’s story on her blog Into the Streets of Ethiopia. God placed a little angel into their family and now He is using them to minister to others around the world!

Kristen found out about a desperate need RIGHT NOW for the babies in Ethiopia. They are starving!! She is asking for help to provide formula for the babies in Ethiopia. PLEASE read all about it and give as you feel led.

I’m so excited to see how many cans of formula are given this week!!

Will you help spread the word!!!!!


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