Monday, October 18, 2010

I’ve Been Scolded…

… my child!!

Last night, we were having our family devotional. This is something that we try and do every night, but it doesn’t always happen. We read a lesson out of Sticky Situations:2, by Betsy Schmitt . We love that book!

We then went around and took turns praying. {no names will be given to protect the innocent. LOL!} One of my children prayed the way they usually do, thanking God for the day, asking Him to give them a great day at school tomorrow, and asking for protection from bad dreams while they sleep, among some other things. Nothing wrong with that at all.

The next child prayed…..more of a sermon…..talking to God about the qualities that make Him God, asking for blessing on specific prayer requests, and so on.

My husband was gone, so it was my turn.

I prayed thanking God for my family and for the amazing things He is doing in the lives of my children; talking to Him about how excited I am to see the plan that He has in store for them; thanking Him for a godly husband who strives to lead our family in the ways of God; asking God to protect my husband’s job and asking Him to help my husband me a success according to His measuring stick. And then, I went on to thank God for my jewelry business, Lucy Doo, and asking Him to bless it and send me lots of customers. Then my prayer ended the usual way, asking God to help my children live a “healthy, happy, and holy life” (as our amazing former Pastor Dr. J. Kie Bowman prayed over our children when they were little).

Well, then it happened, the child who prayed basically a sermon, proceeded to ask the other child, “Why do you say the same things in your prayers every night?” (that didn’t go over so well, as you can imagine!) I immediately asked {child} not to make {sibling} feel as if their prayer was not good enough and explained that we all mature at different speeds and that as long as they were talking to God from their heart, that’s what matters.

I just thought it was over………..

…..until I was tucking {my child} in bed a few minutes later. {My child} said, “Mom, why was it wrong that I commented on {sibling}’s prayer?” I said, “Because you don’t need to be judgmental about the way others pray.” {Child} went on, “but we’re not supposed to ask God for selfish things. We’re supposed to pray for others and for God to reach others through us”. Thinking they were still talking about {sibling}’s prayer, I said, “You just don’t need to criticize the way {Sibling} prays. Just ask God to teach them how to pray through your example.” Then {Child} said, “Mom, I wasn’t talking about {sibling}! I was talking about YOU!!

W.H.A.T.???? {Child} said, “You asked God to send customers to Lucy Doo and you’re not supposed to do that because it’s selfish.” I went on to try and explain that I wasn’t asking for selfish reasons. I want God to bless Lucy Doo so that I can help provide for our family. The Bible says in James 4:3, “You have not because you ask with wrong motives.” I think God wants us to ask for His blessing on our jobs when our motives are to honor Him with our work, don’t you?

This experience was a good reminder that our kids are listening to our words and our prayers! I’d love get your feedback!

Praying Mom,

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  1. Hi Sandi,

    So nice to meet you:)
    Your blog post is so true! Boy our kids are like secret agents listening in to everything!?! Keeps up humble and accountable :)))

    Your jewelry line is lovely.

    Have a blessed Sunday I am headed off to church myself~~~

    Kay Ellen


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