Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Trash to Treasure {Thrifty Thursday}

Thrifty Thursday Button with border thick

Actually, this week you already had a Thrifty project in those adorable Valentine’s Day pillows {read about it here}. I hope some of you copied that idea because it is SO easy!!

Did you notice that cute chalkboard sign? Finished porch

My sweet real-life friends Kristen (We are THAT family) and Amanda (The Eck Life) made it! They bought some old tin trays at a garage sale, painted them with chalkboard paint and transformed them into something useful for today! I bought mine from Kristen at her “indoor garage sale” last year after she returned from her Compassion trip to Kenya.

I used my 40 percent off coupon at Hob Lob and bought the Chalk Bistro Markers (4 pack). They write so plain on the chalkboards and they don’t smear!

I had an issue recently with those markers, however. I could not erase them off of matte chalkboard finishes. I tried EVERYTHING from rubbing alcohol to nail polish remover, and even GooBeGone. Nothing worked! Then a friend suggested the Magic Eraser! I’ve never really used one because I thought it was a scam, but not anymore! It WORKED!!

So, look around your house, or get up EARLY on a Saturday morning to go Garage Sale-ing, and find some old trays and transform them into a nifty sign you can use for just about anything.

Living like no one else now so we can live like no one else later,

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