Friday, February 18, 2011

Real Life {Thrifty Thursday} on Friday

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When we began Thrifty Thursday almost 2 months ago, I promised to be transparent on this journey to be “thrifty”. Well, this has been one of those “let’s back up and start over” kind of weeks!

I had great plans for the post this week……but……life happened!

My husband (who never really travels) has been out of town all week. The children’s schedule for schoolwork and extra-curricular activities has been gruesome (why does everything always seem to be due all at once??). 3 days of work for Lucy Doo, etc…… Normally, we would just push on through and everything would get done. BUT…

…I’ve been sick. Oh my goodness! Not fun! No sleep because of a cough. Ugh! Calling the doctor AGAIN today!! (pray for me, will you?)

SO, looking forward to next week’s post, I want to hear from YOU!! Have you found something that helps your family stick within your budget? Have you figured out some fun family activities to do that don’t cost a lot of money? Anything Thrifty!! If you have a blog, write a post about it NEXT THURSDAY. Let’s have a carnival and talk about it!

Mark your calendars for next Thursday and we’ll have our first blog carnival. It will be fun!!

Have a great weekend and DRINK LOTS of VITAMIN C!! Too many bugs going around these days.


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